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Personal Statement

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

     When I was 15, my mother started having multiple health issues, such as severe migraine, RA, and lupus. So, I would frequent trips to the hospital's emergency care and doctor's offices. The nurse welcomed us after the paperwork first, and the nurse was the last person to discharge us home. I have witnessed these and how nurses passionately cared for my mother, whom they barely even knew. These nurses were always available when my mother needed them, ensuring she was okay no matter how busy or stressed they were. This passionate caring and therapeutic approach by nurses without taking any credit for what they do for patient care made me realize that nurses are like a mother who gives unconditional love to their children. This made me feel that I would fit right into the nursing profession because I have always had a passion for caring for people and comforting them when they need care. So, I started pursuing my career as a nurse even though my father wanted me to choose another field for my job. I have always respected the medical field, especially nurses, on how a nurse plays an essential role in the patient's recovery in the hospital from the day they are admitted to the day they get discharged. Still, I never thought I would become one of them.
Once I became a Nurse, I worked in the hospital for 8+ years. I enjoyed and felt rewarded daily for taking care of and educating patients. The appreciation given by patients and family members at the end of the day is the biggest reward than anything I can think of.

     The nursing field is so broad that you can learn a new thing every day and choose to pick any specialty to work in to take care of different patient populations. I have worked with a diverse patient population like pediatrics, Post-Partum, etc. In all these other fields I worked as a nurse, I enjoyed taking care of patients, educating them and their family members so that once they leave hospital care, they are prepared to care for themselves at home.
During hospital nursing, on multiple occasions, I was given an opportunity to percept the nursing students to share my passion for nursing and knowledge. During these teaching new nursing students, I always felt I am not only teaching them but I am also learning at the same time. This made me think there is a vacuum in my nursing field, which I have yet to grow into. Given the opportunity, I want to pursue higher education in nursing to help the patient and student community more by enhancing my knowledge in depth. As a nurse, sometimes, I worked closely with the nurse practitioner who was so knowledgeable, and they often encouraged me to advance my career in the nursing field to provide more to the world with extra knowledge.


     As a nurse, I was limited in how much I could elaborate on educating patients on their conditions to improve their health. The more I learn to inform patients I must know to answer the patient's questions thoroughly. I want to advance my education in Nursing by becoming Doctor in Nursing Practice so I can achieve the highest level of nursing and provide the best quality medical care to all. I would make every effort to advance myself for the patient and the community. The cost of medical care in the USA is ballooning daily. Most low-income populations cannot afford insurance coverage or go to the clinic for a simple physical checkup when needed. Achieving a DNP degree will allow me to work independently to assess, diagnose and treat patients so I can start my clinic and provide discounted patient care to those who cannot afford primary medical care.
George Mason University stands out to me as the first choice to advance my education because it has always been my first since I graduated from high school. I completed my first undergraduate degree from George Mason, majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology. I did my second bachelor's degree in Nursing from Mary Mount University. George Mason always had great resources available for students to make them successful in achieving their goals and advancing in their careers. 

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