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I want to be the most vigorous advocate by inspiring hope and contributing to patient-centered quality care for every patient through integrated evidence-based clinical practice, teaching, and Compassion.


Merriam-Webster defines a visionary leader as one having foresight and imagination. My lifetime Vision is to provide exceptional care regardless of race, gender, spiritual beliefs, or financial situation, and continue to address Social Determinants Of Health by providing equity care.

Also, I want to become a disaster or emergency-prepared nurse leader since this is a critical part of nursing practice, especially recently. Pandemics like the Ebola and Zeke virus looked small compared to the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the worst disasters in decades, especially for underserved populations. As a nurse leader, I want to strengthen my organizational emergency operations plans, initiate and participate in incident command systems, oversee the use and availability of personal protective equipment (PPE), and provide crisis leadership and communications in my resilience to administer in prepare for disaster preparedness and public health emergency response and use my nursing leader role to address SDOH and improve healthcare equity. 



Compassionate, Dedicated, Devoted, Goal Oriented, Kind Hearted, and love to Teach.


Learner, Restorative, Achiever, Disciplined, and Responsible. 

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